Niles Dispatcher April 2021

Niles Dispatcher April 2021

Here are all the updates made to the Museum through the first quarter of 2021

LED lighting

The museum is now nearly 100% LED lighting. Come check out our dazzling display of locomotive, caboose and general lighting. Much of it flickers just like it did in the old days!


Lanterns I


Lanterns II


Lanterns III

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Live steam locomotive

Much like Walt Disney and his Carrolwood and Pacific had back before Disneyland. Rideable engines that not only "could" but pulled a string of scale size-cars and a caboose too boot!

Switch stands

These little gems helped light the way for engineers and firemen alike. LED lighting makes them glow just like back then

Conductor's Lanterns

Glowing bright day or night, these hand-held lights gave directions to cab crews and ground crews alike. They helped to ensure a safe work for all.

Lanterns and Switchstands

A variety of these restored and semi-restored lights are out and ready for visitors to see.

Restored Crew and Conductor's Uniforms

Professionalism was the word of the day for both passenger and freight crews alike. Restored uniforms are waiting for visitors to check out.

Telegraphy Equipment

See the elements of railroad communication down the line and across the system.

American Model Train Displays

Miniaturized models of the ones that rode the rails. From donors, supporters and members , these scale size beauties give you an up-close look at the real deal.

Foreign Model Train Displays

Scale size versions of the ones that ride the rails across Europe and Asia.

The Kidz Layout

No train of your own? Always want to run one? Here's your chance! Take a turn running one of three trains on our Kidz Layout. For a small donation, you have the line to yourself, and you're in charge. Careful! There are curves ahead. !

California Zephyr and Sourthern Pacific Daylight
Passenger Train Models

These are the beauties that took their passengers across America to see the country and reconnect with friends and family.

Engine Lights

Used to help light the way, they were also the first thing anxious passengers would see as their ride across America approached the station.

The Dining Car

Known for their superb food and accommodations, railroad passenger service was the only way to travel. Seeing America and ground level from the comfort of your coach or sleeper car. A great meal and comfortable sleeping arrangements meant a trip to remember.

Dwarf Signal -- Default Red

Stop! Wait for further directions.

Dwarf Signal Green

Proceed, the track ahead is clear!

Dwarf Signal Yellow

Caution ahead! Approach slowly!


Dwarf Signals

Small, jewel-like lights that glowed across the yard directing traffic and issuing the go-ahead for an eager engineer ready to get on the road. High ball!!