Passport to Adventure



The Tri-City area of Fremont is rich in local history that is a part of the larger history of California. This land was populated by prehistoric animals, settled by Native Americans (Ohlone), claimed by the Spanish, ruled by Mexico, then became a part of the United States. We saw new immigrants build towns, changes in agriculture, the expansion of transportation and industry, population increases and demographic changes. We encourage all ages to learn about this unique and exciting history.

We are one of 10 local history organizations that came together to create the Passport to Adventure Program. To begin visit any one of the 10 sites to pick up your passport postcard and have it punched at each location. After you have visited all 10 historic sites you will receive a personalized certificate of completion and will become a “Passport to Adventure Historian”.

Our original idea was to pass-on this knowledge to the younger generations particularly in our schools, but we soon realized that many new comers to this area plus many long time Fremont residents could also benefit.

Passport postcards are available at all of the participating locations below or can be downloaded here and print on your local printer. Let the adventures begin!

Children’s Natural History Museum

Niles Canyon Railway

Niles Depot Historical Foundation

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

Old Mission San Jose

Olive Hyde Art Center

Pacific Bus Museum

Shinn House

The Patterson House The-Patterson-House

Washington Township Museum of Local History

Fremont Mayor Passport To Adventure Cutting Creremonial Ribbon 9-13-16

Passport to Adventure Members 9-10-16